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Create the right atmosphere with lighting

We offer practical and mood lighting for inside the house and also outside. Think of lighting for your living room, bathroom, kitchen or outdoor lighting to make your outdoor space more cosy and safe. With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, you can easily personalise your interior and create a desired atmosphere.

Lighting plan as an important first step

Setting up a lighting plan is important for a good foundation. It helps you to choose the right lamps. After all, every room has a different function and not every lamp fits in every room. For example, the light in the kitchen is different from the ones in a bedroom. Our lighting experts are happy to help you with personalised and expert advice. You can easily make an appointment for this via our website. If you already know what lighting you need, you can start looking for lamps with the right style and colour for your interior.

Create an atmospheric space

After having a good base, you can start thinking about the desired lighting atmosphere. An extra lamp is often needed in the living room, while the kitchen may not need any so soon. During a cosy evening, you don't want a bright light. Choosing lamps with diffused light or dimmers easily adjust the mood throughout the day. If you want to highlight specific areas in your space, you can choose directional bulbs. These allow you to shine your light where you want.
Brightness and softness are not the only factors that affect the atmosphere, light color is also important. Cool white light is ideal for tasks where you need a good vision, like doing dishes or fill in paperwork. This is more practical light, but it can be overwhelming if you want to relax. For ultimate relaxation, warm light sources or lamps with amber glass are a better option.

Wireless convenience without the hassle

While candles still do well in households, we want to make sure you no longer have to depend only on them. Have you considered wireless lighting? It’s a great alternative where you don't need any wiring or tools. They also can be turned on and off in just a few minutes. Wireless lighting is easy rechargeable via USB, so don't worry about whether you have enough batteries. It’s a perfect for emergencies at home or for outdoor activities like camping.

Personalise your interior

Besides practical lighting, you can complete your interior with eye-catchers that immediately stand out when you enter the room. Lighting does not have to be boring; it is a way to bring even more personality into your home. Go crazy with a chandelier in the bathroom or a giant statement lamp in the hall.