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Absinthe by Peeq

The vibrant world of architectural lighting

Since 2012, Absinthe by Peeq has been illuminating the world of architectural lighting with a fresh perspective. Inspired by the iconic green colour of the drink absinthe, Absinthe by Peeq stands for green, energy-efficient lighting solutions. With a wide range of designs to suit all tastes, they bring light to any space, from intimate living rooms to bustling outdoor patios. Like absinthe, much loved during the 'Enlightened Period', a time of cultural intellectual advancement, Absinthe aims to usher in a new era of lighting - sustainable, personal and of high quality.

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Architectural lighting from Belgium

Absinthe is a Belgian manufacturer. This relatively young brand was established in 2012 and has upheld a well-articulated vision from the very beginning: Quality, energy-saving LED lighting does not necessarily have to be expensive. The brand still adheres to this philosophy this very day

This brand puts a strong emphasis on decent materials and the finishing touch of the products. Moreover, for every design it develops, it pays extensive attention to the energy efficiency of the light source, which greatly reduces long-term energy costs for the consumer.

The green fairy

What Absinthe wishes to accomplish with its lighting is to enrich your mind. Just like Absint, the famous green alcoholic beverage that artists the likes of Vincent van Gogh and Edouard Manet used as a source of inspiration. The typical green color can be seen in the design of this lighting brand and it is also reflected in its energy-saving technology.

Absinthe aspires to create lighting that will merge in with this era of endless personal possibilities. Personalisation plays a key role in modern-day society and Absinthe would like to tailor to these new needs by offering high quality architectural lighting solutions.

Simple yet elegant fittings

Customer satisfaction, innovation, energy efficiency, professionalism and endless possibilities: that's what Absinthe stands for. Every step of the production process is meticulously conceptualised in order to achieve that ambition. Every fitting is equally important.

Generally speaking, the lights of Absinthe are simple yet elegant. For instance, this Absinthe Bloc. At first sight this lamp appears to be very simple and square-shaped, yet it presents a stylish look on the wall. And this lamp is just the tip of the iceberg of Absinthe's vast product range.

At Peeq, we think that every home deserves to shine with the perfect lighting. Minimalistic, stylish and suitable for everyone.

Absinthe by Peeq