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How can I return my order?

Follow the steps below if you wish to withdraw and return your order. Please note that the right of withdrawal is not applicable in all cases, there are conditions for withdrawal.

1. Standard form

Inform us with the standard form for withdrawal or by email that you want return your purchased product, and this within 30 days following the day of reception of the ordered product. Be sure to always state your customer number, invoice number and the product(s) you want to return. When we receive your return document, you have 10 working days to deliver us the product(s). It is not required to give a reason for return, although this can be useful for us to improve our service and product offer. Click the link below to download the standard form for withdrawal:

Download standard form for withdrawal

2. Ship products

Ship the product(s) at your expenses and risk to the return address you have received:
Elektriciteit Paul De Meutter CV
Industriepark 14A
2220 Heist-Op-Den Berg
If the product(s) goes/go missing or get damaged during return shipment, this will be your responsibility and dmLights cannot be held liable.
In case of a return shipment from outside the European Union: Always use a courier service (e.g. UPS, TNT, …), never use a postal company. If you do use a postal company, you will be held responsible for all customs formalities yourself.

3. Check your return

When we receive the returned product, we will check whether it complies with the conditions of return and inform you of our verdict by mail. If the product complies to our return conditions, we will refund you the full order amount.
Please note: we will only refund the paid price and the shipping costs - if there were any - to deliver the product to you. The shipping costs to return the product are always at your expense.

4. Product not comply to our conditions

If the product does not comply to our conditions of return, they remain your property and you have to pick them up within 2 weeks. If desired, we can return the products at your expense with a transportation company. If the refused return product is still in our warehouse after 2 weeks, you will be informed by email that the product will be destroyed.