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What is light colour?

Light colour is crucial in creating the right atmosphere and functionality in any room. It is expressed in Kelvin (K), with a lower Kelvin value meaning warmer light. Choosing the right light colour can transform a space from cold and corporate to warm and inviting.

Light colour options at Peeq

  • Super warm white (< 2200K): This provides a very warm, cosy glow, ideal for relaxing spaces such as lounges or rustic dining rooms.
  • Extra warm white (2700K): A warm, inviting light, perfect for living rooms and bedrooms where a relaxing atmosphere is desired.
  • Warm white (3000K): A comfortable, warm glow suitable for most living spaces, including kitchens and halls.
  • Neutral white (3500K): Balanced and bright light for professional environments, but very exceptionally available due to limited production by manufacturers.
  • Cool white (4000K): A fresher, stimulating light colour, ideal for offices and commercial spaces, where concentration is important.
  • Daylight white (6500K): A very bright, vibrant light that mimics daylight, ideal for reading and study areas.
  • Variable colour (RGB): Offers a range of colours for a dynamic and personalised lighting experience, suitable for modern and interactive spaces.
  • Variable white (RGB with dimmable white): Combines colourful RGB options with the functionality of adjustable white light, ideal for spaces that serve multiple functions.

Influence of style on your choice of light colour

When you choose the right light colour for your interior, style also helps determine it. In a modern home with clean lines and minimalist design, it is smart to go for light around 3000K. This light emphasises the modern look and creates a bright, fresh atmosphere. On the other hand, in an interior with a warmer, traditional or rustic style, light around 2700K creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere. This warmer light blends perfectly with natural materials such as wood and natural stone.

Regional preferences in light colour:

Interestingly, your preference for light colour also depends on where you live. In the South, where natural light is often brighter, people tend to choose cooler light. This creates a fresh and energetic atmosphere that suits the climate well. Further north, on the other hand, you see that people often choose warmer light, especially around 2700K, to create a sense of warmth and cosiness, which is especially nice during the long, dark winters.

Expert choice from Peeq:

At Peeq, we understand how important the right light colour is for the home. That's why our experts don't recommend light colours above 3000K for the home. Light above this limit can have a cooler and less pleasant effect. We prefer:
  • Extra warm white (2700K): for rooms where relaxation is key, such as the bedroom or a reading nook, extra warm white light is the perfect choice. It creates a soothing, comfortable atmosphere conducive to rest and relaxation.
  • Warm white (3000K): This light colour is ideal for a wide range of rooms in the home, from the living room to the kitchen. It offers a warm glow that is inviting and relaxing, without the cool, clinical feel of higher Kelvin values.

Advice needed?

Do you have questions about choosing the right light colour or other things about your lighting? Then don't hesitate to contact our lighting experts at Peeq. Our team is here to help you make the best choice for your situation.