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Can I also pick up my order?

Thanks to our parcel locker, you can now come and collect your order 24/7! Please note, due to Corona measures, your parcel will remain available in the container for one week. After that, you can only collect your order after contacting our customer service department by phone (015 25 76 68).
This parcel locker is located to the left of our warehouses (Industriepark 14A Zone B). Using a unique, personal code, you can open the parcel locker.

Plan package safe


Plan pakketkluis

How to make use of such a pick-up is explained below.

Step 1: Choose collection from the locker

In Step 2 "Invoicing and delivery" of the ordering process, tick "Collection from parcel locker".

Step 2: Confirmation e-mail with code

Once your order has been placed in our parcel locker, you will be informed by e-mail. Only then can you collect your order.
In this e-mail you will also find your personal 6-digit code to open the locker door.

Step 3: Picking up your order

You come to collect your order from our parcel locker. It is located behind the second door (the white one) on the left-hand side of our building.
You open the locker by entering your personal code on the keypad next to the locker door. You take your parcels out of the safe. The code remains valid for 30 minutes after use.
Please note that your movements during pick-up are recorded by 3 cameras!

Step 4: Sign and deposit the invoice

On the package you will find 2 invoices/vouchers, one of which you sign and deposit in the letterbox of our parcel locker. The other copy is for your own records.

Additional information

There is no additional charge for using the parcel locker. The same payment terms as for shipping apply.
Please note that the locker is intended to serve you faster and more efficiently. If you opt for pick-up in the parcel locker, you are therefore expected to collect the goods as soon as possible after the confirmation e-mail. After all, the parcel locker is not intended as a storage place.
Do you have any questions about the Peeq parcel safe? If so, be sure to let us know via our contact form.