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Tekna's secret of success? Their unique philosophy! This is because they believe that pure materials and craftsmanship are the key to beautiful designs of unparalleled quality. Each fixture is produced entirely by hand in Belgium, making every creation unique. At Tekna, they continue to surprise with innovative and exclusive designs that continue to inspire their customers time and again.

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Tekna x GioBagnara

Luxurious leather combined with sophisticated design. The exclusive collaboration between Tekna and the Italian GioBagnara brand produces elegant and exciting designs. Quality lighting in which the details make the difference.

Recognisable light

The mix of retro sources of inspiration and modern technologies gives Tekna's lighting a certain recognisability. So that's exactly what they aim for: the creation of 'recognisable light'.

Elements from the past are a source of inspiration for Tekna's luminaires. These elements are highlighted in all of Tekna's collections, especially the Nautic collection. That includes designs that resemble a ship's lamp like two drops of water. And with Arton, Tekna takes you on an elegant trip to the last century. Yet the lamps are never old-fashioned and rather have a timeless character.

Stylish, understated creations

Tekna strives for simplicity. The brand itself describes its creations as "little and at the same time much". It is lighting that is present in the room but does not stand out too loudly. Stylish lamps without unnecessary decoration, that is what Tekna stands for.

Tekna uses high-quality materials that preserve the aesthetics and quality of the light fittings. The underlying technology also meets current standards and is particularly durable.

To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.