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Slamp really stands out with its modern, Italian lighting with unique designs. Their collection showcases a plethora of eccentric creations, with attention to every smallest detail. Inspired by the wonders of nature, their designs seamlessly reflect the latest industry trends. One of Slamp's most beloved fixtures is the Clizia, which resembles a morning cloud filtering the first rays of the sun. Some even see the playful lighting effect of sunshine through the crown of a tree in it.

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Slamp: a journey through colour, geometric, and special effects

The Italian brand, Slamp, was founded in 1992 by Roberto Ziliani and immediately attracted attention in the Italian designer and lighting world. Their beautiful designs and creative, high-quality lamps combine an eye for detail with industrial production.

The Slamp success has grown enormously since the launching of the first collection in 1994. The growth of the brand has even been so strong that it is currently deemed to be one of the most representative brand names with respect to decorative designer lighting.

Interesting materials

One of the ways in which Slamp distinguishes itself from its competitors is its use of innovative materials. That is how the company started with its own patented materials, such as Opalflex and Lentiflex. The use of these materials makes their lamps unique and immediately recognisable.

These materials are wonderful to look at and are environmentally friendly too. In fact, all of the materials can be recycled and reused. And since they utilize a cold industrial manufacturing process, no harmful by-products are released. All raw materials used by Slamp conform to the international environmental protection standards.

International designers

Slamp is also known for its collaboration with well-known international designers. For example, in 2016, Zaha Hadid (who has since passed) designed the beautiful Avia and Aria collections. The Flora collection was the brainchild of the Brazilian designer Zanini de Zanine.

Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas from the world-renowned architect's office Fuksas are some of the most recent architects to have created designs for Slamp. They designed the Charlotte and Chantal collections where the theme is a beautiful honeycomb shape.

Collections that offer the perfect balance of international lighting standards and captivating, original design.