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Royal Botania

Belgian outdoor luxury

Discover the elegance of Royal Botania, a pinnacle of luxurious outdoor living. Born from Belgian roots, this family-owned brand has crafted a name for itself in the world of upscale outdoor furnishings over the past 30 years. Royal Botania combines flawless aesthetics with impeccable craftsmanship to transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary of sophistication. Experience the charm of refined outdoor living with the brand's exquisite range of furniture, lighting, and accessories. Royal Botania – where style meets nature.

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Royal Botania - A short history

In 1992, Kris Van Puyvelde and Frank Boschman decided to join forces and found a company. The original plan was to import teak garden furniture from Indonesia. However, the quality of the material was not good enough, so the duo quickly changed their strategy.

Boschman and Van Puyvelde decided to manufacture high-quality teak furniture themselves. They chose the name Royal Botania - an allusion to the natural beauty of botanical gardens and the highest quality that they wanted to achieve.

'Only the rock lives forever'

Royal Botania is committed to the environment. Teak wood is carefully selected and all other materials are recyclable. Each product will at some point cease to exist. 'Only the rock lives forever', is how they describe it on their website.

The Royal Botania designs are very varied. The varied assortment ensures that lots of people will find a lamp that matches their taste.

A global success story

As the years passed, Royal Botania shifted its focus. In addition to furniture, the designer brand currently now also manufactures high-quality lighting. The team has expanded and now also makes use of other materials, such as aluminium and stainless steel.

Royal Botania has acquired an excellent reputation. The company is known worldwide as a reliable producer of refined and practical lighting. Satisfying the individual requirements of all customers is paramount for this Belgian manufacturer.

To those who have experienced passion for finesse, the ordinary will no longer appeal.

Royal Botania