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Affordable designer lighting that captivates

Reality, the brand that makes designer lighting affordable. Founded with the vision of offering high-quality lighting without breaking the bank. With a wide range of products from pendant lights to LED ceiling lights, floor lamps, and chandeliers, there's something for everyone. Each piece exudes a distinctive character, instantly connecting you with the brand. Step into the world of Reality, where lighting meets design.

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Dutch craftsmanship

Reality can be found in the vibrant heart of innovation and design, Amsterdam. Founded in 2010, the brand was born out of a passion for combining functional and contemporary aesthetics. Their lighting is not only attractive, but also meets the needs of their customers.

Built on a foundation of authenticity, innovation and quality, Reality's production journey begins with the careful selection of high-quality materials. Each piece is then manufactured by skilled artisans who combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. This unique combination ensures that each Reality product not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

Explore Reality's Stylish Lighting with 'Solo' and 'Tommy'

Reality's 'Solo' lamp is a great example of their commitment to innovative and stylish lighting. This arc lamp stands out for its simple yet elegant design, which fits into any interior. Another example is The 'Tommy' lamp, an industrial design that makes a statement. This lamp is a combination of metal and glass, with the glass providing a soft distribution of light and the metal providing a robust look.

Innovative product ideas, a high degree of flexibility and the constant customer-oriented way of thinking and acting are the pillars of our success.