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Contemporary Dutch design at its best

Puik is the ultimate destination for anyone looking for the best of contemporary Dutch design. With their innovative approach, founders Freek Claessen and Daan Gescher have introduced the world to an array of talented home-grown designers since 2012. Following their unique philosophy, Puik redefines each time what it means to deliver quality products that are also ecologically responsible.

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The founders

Freek and Daan worked for years in sales and production where they saw beautiful products by Dutch designers. Those designers just didn't manage to find the general public among the masses until puik was founded.

With their background and knowledge, the duo built a portfolio of designers they were able to launch in the design world thanks to their unique approach. The products resulting from these collaborations conquer shops time and again. Unheard of may be unloved, but thanks to Puik, that riddle is a thing of the past.

The Puik concept

Products that are timeless and that you instantly fall in love with. At Puik, they know how to do that like no other. Their products evoke feelings every time you use them. By choosing the best quality, they are items you might want to pass on to your children years later, things they will remember later.

The little things worth restoring, keeping and eventually passing on. So their choice to focus on quality and sustainability fits nicely within this vision.

The Puik style

For Flemish and Dutch people, 'puik' sounds very familiar, although the word has become somewhat less popular in recent years. It does, however, perfectly express what the brand stands for. It stands for beautiful things, which, just like the word puik itself, do not necessarily have to be hip or trendy, but timeless and durable.

At Puik, they do not participate in hypes. With every addition to the catalogue, the intention is for the new product to remain in the collection for at least ten years. This gives you the time to slowly but surely complete your Puik collection.

We ask the designers we collaborate with to create ‘wow’ items that are so iconic that people remember them.