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A dream come true

Sergio Prandina's dream of creating stunning lighting for all became a reality 30 years ago. Prandina's design philosophy revolves around precision and simplicity, without compromising the functionality of their products. With their experience, the brand is determined to produce high-quality lighting fixtures combined with functional design.

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The Italian Prandina lighting company was founded in 1982. Over the years, the Italian brand has been able to set up collaborations with numerous well-known designers, like Mario Mengotti, Federico Churba, Katje Hettler, and Alberto Pasetti to name but a few.

The designers are always looking for and pushing the boundaries of their creativity. In addition to completely new designs, the lighting is also regularly given a new look by experimenting with colours and new materials. This allows them to create a different lighting composition each time.

Quality above all

With an unmistakable eye for detail, they explore the possibilities of hand-blown glass to discover new shapes and innovative production methods. Prandina studies and designs its designer lighting in their own technology department.

Quality in production and materials is essential to Prandina, as is listening to the wishes of their consumers. Thanks to the feedback they receive, they continue to work on transforming the end product into the customers wishes.

Characteristically simple

A simple design is never just simple. Throughout the decades, Prandina has always maintained a philosophy of precision and simplicity that has left its mark on the world of lighting.

By continuing to follow this philosophy, Prandina has developed its own identity, which is immediately recognisable. It is an individuality that transcends fashion, trends, and compromises. It's the power of Prandina.

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