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Rediscovering forgotten icons

Gubi, a brand rooted in Danish design principles, is always evolving and rediscovering forgotten icons, blending tradition with creativity. Their designs, with the iconic Gräshoppa lamp at the forefront, are elegant and innovative. This commitment to timeless design leaves a lasting impression on art enthusiasts worldwide, seamlessly fusing the past, present, and future in every piece. Gubi truly embodies the essence of a grasshopper - agile, graceful, and forward-looking.

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A Danish family business

The Danish brand Gubi is a family business established by Gubi and Lisbeth Olsen in 1967. In the early years, they focused on producing designer furniture. Later, their two sons introduced other product categories, including lighting. They hit the bullseye. It made Gubi a highly-respected brand name around the globe.

The quest for forgotten icons

Gubi constantly searches for iconic designs from the past. Each collection is reworked into a contemporary design while keeping the roots and history of the original in mind.

Wonderful creations that were designed in the period from the 1930s to the 1970s are re-crafted to have a stylish second life. You could say that Gubi creates a connection between the past and the future. A perfect example is the Multi-Lite collection.

Diverse collections

Gubi produces a very diverse lighting selection to match every taste. There Bestlite lighting is very well known. This lamp has been in production since 1930 and was inspired to a large degree by the Bauhaus movement. Among others, Winston Churchill was a big fan of this collection.

You will find a very different style in the Semi collection. The distinctive curves in combination with flat underside made this pendant lamp the best-selling lamp in Denmark in the 1980s. It's no surprise that this collection won several design awards!

Beauty of history meets the thrill of right now