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Fontana Arte

Italian top design since 1932

Fontana Arte, the epitome of Italian design, adds a special touch to your life with its perfect combination of functionality and artistic charm. Established in the heart of Milan in 1932, this brand has a captivating story of innovation and creativity. Each piece from Fontana Arte transforms your living space, carrying a hint of Italy's rich artistic heritage. Among Fontana Arte's impressive collection, the Fontana table lamp stands out as a true representation of the brand's essence. Designed in 1954, this masterpiece effortlessly blends functionality and elegance.

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1881 - The start of a successful story

When Luigi Fontana founded his company back in 1881, his focus was on producing float glass for the construction industry. The company produced refined and exclusive domestic accessories made of glass.

1931 was a major turning point for the company, with the appointment of Gio Ponti as the new art director. He decided to get Pietro Chiesa, a renowned and skilled glassmaker, on board. This was the beginning of a new division within the company, which was named Fontana Arte. From that moment on, the company started to design products with a hand-made appearance.

From minimalism to extravagance

Fontana Arte has become a global market leader in the field of lighting and domestic accessories. Over the last twenty years, the product range has been vastly expanded with several new product lines.

The product range is composed of a few different styles: there are minimalistic designs, which would fit perfectly in a sleek, modern interior. However, Fontana Arte also fabricates eye-catching lights, that are perfect for those who want to make a statement with their lighting.

Some bestsellers from Fontana Arte

One of the brand's most popular designs is the Io, a playful wall light available in different colours. This model is often used in bedrooms, but would also work well in the corridor of a hotel or an office.

For those who are looking for a special pendant lamp, the Pinecone will be enticing. As its name suggests, the construction resembles a pine cone and it is bound to attract many viewers. A true asset for embellishing your dining table

The artistic value of FontanaArte is best expressed in a symphony of architecture, surfaces and furnishings.

Fontana Arte