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Ferm Living

Hip designs and Danish flair

Ferm Living, deeply rooted in Danish design, brings a modern twist to the classic Scandinavian style. Their designs prioritise functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. It's a globally renowned brand known for its trendy and stylish interior decoration products, including furniture, lighting designs, and eye-catching accessories. Explore Ferm Living's wide range of products to elevate your space with effortless style and timeless charm.

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When founder Trine Andersen was decorating her own home in 2005, her search for the perfect wallpaper threatened to backfire. With her background as a graphic designer, she decided to do it herself. It results in not one, but ten different designs.

When she wants to take these designs to a trade fair in Denmark, she realises that she cannot afford to have all ten designs produced. In the end, she goes to the fair with one wallpaper and some prints. Despite limited resources, it is a hit and immediately the starting shot for ferm LIVING.

Feeling at home

A lot has changed since that first fair. ferm Living has become a world-class player, something Trine Andersen says she never saw coming. According to her, it's as if she hasn't built a brand, but a house. A house that has become a home, with talented colleagues and a great product range that they continue to build together.

That she uses that analogy is not surprising. Ultimately, "feeling at home" is what ferm LIVING is all about. The ambition from day one has been to inspire people to create their own place where they feel comfortable. Being yourself in your own home is so important. In the end, a home is so much more than a bunch of pretty things, it's where your life takes place.

Ecological and sustainable

At ferm LIVING, sustainability comes first. By using raw materials of the highest quality, they put the focus on sustainability. In their collaborations, too, they always look for long-term relationships, so that they can look to the future together.

That way, they keep their ecological footprint as low as possible. Moreover, all products can be recycled or partially reused after their time in your home.

So, as a customer, you can rest assured when you buy something from the ferm LIVING collection. After all, that too is part of their mission; as a design brand, they see it as their responsibility to take the lead towards sustainability.

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Ferm Living