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Design House Stockholm

Where style meets the Scandinavian spirit

Design House Stockholm, the renowned Swedish design label, is known for its extensive product range and innovative approach. Their products all share one thing in common: the captivating beauty of Scandinavian design. One standout example is the iconic Block table lamp, which is encased in glass, resembling a frozen light source. Another popular collection is Cord, featuring a simple light source attached to a cord, appealing to a wide audience.

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Design House Stockholm - Scandinavian design

The Swedish brand Design House Stockholm was founded in 1992 as a product development agency. They worked with designers in the same way that publishers work with authors. This created good relations between the designers and Design House Stockholm.

In 1997, it gave rise to the first proprietary collection. It was an immediate success and placed Design House Stockholm firmly on the map as a designer brand full of character. Additional successful collections followed, including the Cord and Manana.

Scandinavia as a philosophical perspective

In addition to lighting, Design House Stockholm also has tables, cabinets, settees, decorative pieces, and even scarves in its assortment. It has a very varied product range, although all products have one thing in common: Scandinavia.

Each product made by Design House Stockholm must radiate the Scandinavian style. And this doesn't mean nationality or geography, but rather a philosophical and aesthetic perspective. The end result is a beautiful product range brimming with timeless design classics.

Focus on the idea

Design House Stockholm collaborates with both well-known and unknown designers. This is because they focus on the idea and not just the designer name. The final product must have its own identity and character.

A good example is the fun idea Harri Koskinen had as a student. Design House Stockholm saw the potential of his design and gave him a chance. Today, his design, the Block Table Lamp, is one of the best selling products for Design House Stockholm.

We look for products that add something new to their genre. Products with personality and character.

Design House Stockholm