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Design for the People

Award-winning Scandinavian design

"Design for the People" a Danish design company, founded in 2015, harmonises functionality with aesthetics. Born from Nordic roots, it upholds the philosophy of creating accessible design for everyone. This approach is reflected in their innovative and minimalist products that are as practical as they are beautiful. The brand's commitment to simplicity and clarity in design speaks volumes about its values, making "Design for the People" a true ambassador of Scandinavian design.

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Sustainable Danish design

Design For The People is a Danish lighting brand that is part of the Nordlux family. A brand that effortlessly combines aesthetics, simplicity and functionality. Their products are designed with sustainability in mind: they use long-lasting materials as well as recycled materials for their packaging.

Quality and Style Unite in Every Design

Whether you are looking for a sophisticated desk lamp or an atmospheric pendant lamp, Design For The People guarantees durability, quality and timeless appeal in all their designs. A great example is the popular Artist series, which combines functional lighting with modern design. They have a lightweight aluminium construction and a variety of colours.

We create timeless lighting that you will value more and more as time goes by.

Design for the people