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Bel Lighting

Radiant light and endless style

Bel Lighting, a brand with a rich heritage of over thirty years, specialises in crafting high-quality lighting solutions. Driven by meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality, it's a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Their range encompasses a variety of lamps, each designed with a blend of functionality and aesthetics. With a timeless elegance, energy-efficient technology, and classic yet modern designs, Bel Lighting shines bright, offering environmentally friendly and cost-effective lighting solutions.

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Belgian design lighting

Bel Lighting, founded in the 1990s, is the specialist in design both for indoor and outdoor lighting. Over the years Bel Lighting has developed a broad and varied spectrum of design lighting. New, stylish fixtures are constantly added to the collection of Bel Lighting. For every taste and every use the right Bel Lighting fixture exists.

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professional high quality design lighting

Bel Lighting is an internationally respected specialist in professional design, for indoor and outdoor use. Bel Lighting offers architectural and decorative lighting for commercial as well as residential places.

Bel Lighting’s distinction is the high quality of the production and the use of first class material for every fixture.

The Belgian Bel Lighting has acquired expertise and developed a varied spectrum of lighting fixtures. The use of first class material and striving for quality in research, design, material and finish always comes in the first place for Bel Lighting.

Always up-to-date with the newest trends in design lighting Bel Lighting is your specialist in indoor, outdoor and LED lighting.

We constantly follow new developments in lighting technology and we are always attentive to the specific needs of our partners around the world.

Bel Lighting