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Thoughtful design, surprising details

We can find this brand at the Port of Aarhus, Denmark, since 2015. A true design brand known for its sophisticated, luxurious and contemporary furniture and home accessories. The products are made of high-quality materials with thoughtful design. Without effort, surprising details, functional designs and Danish minimalism are combined, resulting in timeless gems.

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The dream

AYTM may be a young brand, but married couple Gran and Kathrine Hartvigsen's design adventure certainly is not. After living in Bangladesh for a while, they returned to Denmark with the dream of designing and developing high-quality home accessories.

Back in 2004, they started Gran living, designing furniture and home accessories for private labels. However, the dream was always to realise their own design brand, and with AYTM, they succeeded wonderfully. By the way, the brand name AYTM is a pun on the word "item", so you immediately know how to pronounce the name of this Danish label.

A silent statement

Timeless and elegant is perhaps the best way to describe AYTM. Their designs may be the eye-catcher in any room, but they are certainly not loud. With their refined design, gold details and rich colour combinations, they bring a luxurious feel to your home. Whether you have a modern or classic interior, AYTM fits effortlessly into any home.

By the way, to guard the house style, the entire design process always happens in the same place: at the headquarters near Aarhus harbour. From the first pencil lines to the final designs, every step is taken here. Both the work of the in-house creative department and collaborations with external designers. Thus, every AYTM product is the result of team effort.

The product range

Even though AYTM has only existed since 2015, in that short time they have managed to put together a very complete product catalogue. Lighting, furniture and home accessories can all be found in the Aarhus-based brand's offerings.

The largest of the three product lines is home accessories. Accessories are available for every room, so you can actually dress up your entire home with the sophisticated style that Aytm is so well known for.

In terms of furniture too, the range is very complete. Especially for small furniture, you can go to AYTM for both indoor and outdoor use.

The smallest branch of their range is lighting. The small but fine collection consists of only decorative masterpieces that manage to combine contemporary technology with nostalgic touches and luxurious touches.

AYTM designs reflect simplistic shapes and structures of Scandinavian interior, but stand out with their bold and internationally inspired colours.