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Ay illuminate

The unique beauty of different cultures

At Ay illuminate, they strongly believe in the power of local craft, where cultural identity is woven in. This is exactly why they collaborate with craftspeople from all over the world for their beautiful lamp collection. Ay illuminate is so much more than just lighting, it is a social and cultural project that brings influences from all continents to your living room.

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The world comes together in the Netherlands

The name might suggest otherwise, but Ay Illuminate is a Dutch brand with headquarters in Amersfoort. Ay Illuminate's lamps, on the other hand, come from all over the world.

When producing its lighting, founder Ay Lin Heinen and her team look in every corner of the world for what the local nature and culture has to offer. If they find a product that matches one of their designs, they will work together with local craftspeople to process it. From Afghanistan cashmere to Swaziland fishing nets, it all comes together in the Netherlands, at Ay Illuminate.

Keep it simple

Ay Lin Heinen didn't have a plan in mind when she started Ay Illuminate. She and her sister had put together a colourfully mixed collection that included their own and purchased home accessories, which went on to become their interior design brand. Unfortunately, this didn't catch on.

Ay Illuminate only really took shape once a friend from the design world advised them to get rid of all the designs that were not their own. They got rid of 75% of the collection and shifted the focus to lighting. Ay Illuminate went in a new and successful direction based on this 'Keep it simple' strategy.

Natural materials, fair production

Natural materials have been in demand in the interior design industry for several years now. And the demand for 'fair' products is also increasing year after year.

And these are precisely two of Ay Illuminate's strong pillars. The entire collection consists of natural raw materials that are bought from local workers through a fair trade network. Add the beautiful designs into which these materials are processed to this and the success of Ay Illuminate soon becomes clear.

Beyond design. We shape naturally existing structures, forms and materials.

Ay Illuminate